Bringing Back the Glory

The golden age of America is fleeting fast into the night.  The recent change of NASA’s official mission is a painfully clear picture of this.  Whereas America was once a pioneer of the final frontier, we are no longer even attempting space exploration.  The primary mission of NASA has been changed to humanitarian outreach, particularly to the Islamic community—under the Obama Administration.  I could go into detail about the many pillars of American greatness that are crumbling—like the national credit rating being downgraded twice during Obama’s stay in the White House—but I’m guessing most of my readers can already see the sad truth all around them.  In case you’re not part of that group, let me be frank with you.

Don’t call me a prophet, and I hope I never have to say I told you so.  But one thing in this uncertain world is definite:  AMERICA IS AT THE EDGE OF A CLIFF.  I am making a promise to everyone who reads this article.  If Barack Obama is re-elected next month, there will be two possibilities for America.  The people might finally wake up and elect a super-majority of conservatives in both the House and Senate in 2014—that will render him impotent or forcefully remove him from office.  If not, the economy of this country will collapse, with hyperinflation setting in within the decade.  I never thought I’d see the day when a single man could pose such a dangerous threat to this country.  The man is an enemy of this country; he is our public enemy number one.  It takes a deaf, blind man to miss that fact—or someone who believes the mainstream media.  If we don’t get some honesty in the media, we’re going to end up following the lemmings in front of us right off the cliff.

Look, I don’t really care how the chips fall.  I’m not afraid of the liberal spin machine.  I’m not deterred by the massive amount of corruption in the electoral process.  America will not fade into the night while I’m alive.  I don’t care what it takes.  I don’t care who tries to stop me.  My generation was entrusted with the greatest nation in the history of the world.  There is no way on earth that I am going to betray the trust of our fathers.  I will die before I allow the blood of our ancestors on Omaha Beach to fade into history.  I will take a bullet before I allow those kids on Iwo Jima—most of them even younger than myself—to be forgotten.

Mister Obama, and the liberal leftists in the world, I give you my word.  You may be loud.  You might be actively destroying the landmarks of our past.  You are definitely rewriting the textbooks that most of our children are now learning from.  But you will never erase the memory of those who know the truth.  You will never keep down the men and women in this country whose hearts burn with the eternal flame of freedom’s torch.  We may continue to protest in relative silence, but we are waking up.  You are slowly repeating Japanese Admiral Yamamoto’s mistake almost 71 years ago, when he attacked Pearl Harbor.  My generation’s Pearl Harbor is in flames, and this “sleeping giant” is waking up.  One way or another, the golden age of America will continue.  We owe it to those brave soldiers and the fearless nurses who saved so many of them on that fateful Sunday morning in December.  We owe it to the God who gave us this unspeakable gift of freedom.  And we owe it to our posterity.  We must not fail.  We cannot fail.  By the eternal grace of God, we the people will reclaim our unalienable rights.


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